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Intuitive user interface.

A cross platform user interface is provided as standard with Viper::Blast. Get straight to work with an easy install process and intuitive user experience to make light work of your day-to-day analysis requirements.

Accelerated solver.

Viper::Blast makes use of the latest GPU accelerated technology, making it orders of magnitude faster than other solvers. Run millions of cells on your laptop, or billions in the cloud.


More enginering. Less meshing.

Spend more time solving problems, and less time meshing. Let Viper::Blast do the heavy lifting with robust geometry support and automatic meshing.


Viper::Blast has been validated against expeimental data, and other blast codes. Validation cases, user manual and examples are provided to get you started on day 1.


More is more.

We're constantly working to improve and expanded the feature set in Viper::Blast. Recent upates include frangible elements, vapour cloud explosions, optimized export to LS-DYNA & more. If there's a feature you need, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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