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In addition to our flagship blast code Viper::Blast, we offer a range of bespoke software development and engineering consultancy services.


We develop tools, workflows and solutions in the areas of blast and protective design. Whatever your protective design problem is we can help. Need an additional Viper::Blast feature? Let us know!   

Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis

Whether it's a building, or a ship - airblast or underwater shock, we've worked on it. Investigating structures subject to extreme loads and materials beyond failure is what we do.

Research & Development

Whatever your problem, we can help. We have experience across a wide range of fields and industries. Don't know where to start ? Get in touch.

Shock & Vibration

We have decades of experience in shock and vibration modelling, particularly in the areas of naval shock, UNDEX and survivability.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

As well as blast CFD we have applied our CFD expertise in the turbulent flow regime, ranging from the process industry, pedestrian wind comfort all the way to structural wind loading and beyond.

Scientific Software Development

We develop tools that will automate, enhance and drive value in your business. We have particular experience in GPGPU technology and the development of fast running engineering tools.

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